Barnsley player Alex Mowatt is widely regarded as a top player and one of the club’s biggest and most important players. As such, both the club’s manager and CEO fancy the idea of him renewing his contract and continue his playing career at the club.

The Yorkshire Post reports that both the player and the club are currently in contract negotiations and so far there have been positive results. Mowatt is 25, the club’s captain, and is also loved and adored by fans.

The fact that he is yet to sign a new deal has aroused the attention of fellow championship clubs Queens Park Rangers and Middlesbrough, as they have both registered interest in the player and made their intention known that they would love to sign him.

According to the club’s Chief Executive Officer Dane Murphy, Mowatt has outlined his interest in wanting to remain at the club, due to the conversations they have already had. He said that the only thing left now is for both parties to arrive at a conclusion because they have already started on the right foot and are on their way to arriving at a positive agreement.

Murphy outlined that Mowatt is a player of brilliant abilities and important leadership to the whole team and that the only sensible option they have is to have his contract renewed and nothing contrary to that.

The CEO further explained that the club has a project they are working on and they see Mowatt as a pivotal part of that project. Furthermore, he stated that the agent of Mowatt is quite easy to deal with, which will come as good news because it would aid negotiations to go smoothly.

Mowatt has been a Barnsley player since 2017 since his transfer from Leeds and has made over 100 appearances for the club. He was an important player for them in the 2018/19 season as he helped them gain promotion from League One before also helping them earn survival in the Championship last season.